International Journal of Power Control Signal and Computation(IJPCSC) Vol5. No.1 - Jan- March 2013

Regular Issue
S.No. Research Topic Pages
1 Proactive SRV Spectrum Handoff Protocol Based On GCS Scheme In Cognitive Radio ADHOC Network
Morteza Mehrnoush and V.T.Vakili
2 An innovative approach of packet classification based on TCAM
R.Jayanthi, J.Lakshmikanth and V.Geetha priya
3 Slot line Fed Directional UWB Antenna for Microwave Imaging
Vidya.P. and Janaki Janardhanaprabhu
4 A Novel Approach For Data Encryption Using EEG, SPIHT and Genetic Algorithm For Secured Applications
G. Lokeshwari, Dr.S. Udaya and G.Aparna
5 Enhanced Radiation Property of Triangular Antenna and Tuning Stub
A.Sanjeevi kumar, Dr.A.Rajalingam and V.Prabu
6 Statistical Modeling Approach for Optimization of a Pneumatic Reciprocating Step Feeder
Sonali Yadav and Pradeep Khanna
7 Trust Based Security Framework Model for GeoCloud
Nabil EL KADHI, Walid (oualid) Ben ALI