International Journal of Review And Research in Applied Sciences and Engineering(IJRRASE) ISSN:2231-0061 Vol3. No.1 - 2013

Regular Issue
S.No. Research Topic Pages
1 A Framework for Fine-Grained Access in Semantic Web Services by using Policy-Based Semantic Access Control
M.Ramalingam and Dr.R.M.S. Parvathi
2 Real- Time Automation and Monitoring System for Modernized Agriculture
G. Meena Kumari and Dr. V .Vidya Devi
3 Evaluation of NoC Routing Algorithms Based on Performance and Latency
Maryam Hoseini, Gholamreza Karimi
4 Fuzzy Transportation Problem Using Triangular Membership Function-A New approach
S. Solaiappana and K. Jeyaraman b
5 Viscous Dissipation Effect on Steady free Convection Flow past a Semi- Infinite Flat Plate in the presence of Magnetic Field
K.Balamurugan and R.Karthikeyan
6 Pre-processing of Web Logs for Mining World Wide Web Browsing Patterns
Yogish H K and Dr. G T Raju