International Journal of Technology And Engineering System(IJTES)Vol.6. No.1 - January -March 2014

Regular Issue
S.No. Research Topic Pages
1 Single Sign On (SO) Mechanism Enhanced With Firewall Security In Multiple Service Provider
Padma Priya.C and E.Indra
2 MIMO-Ofdm For Arbitrary Multiplexing Rates Based Ondynamic Sub Carrier Mapping
Jaison L and S.Jothi Muneeswari
3 Automated Visual Inspection of Pavement Crack Detection And Characterization
A.Nisanth and Abraham Mathew
4 Fuzzy Logic-Based Nonlinear Speed Control For Pmsm System Using Sliding Mode Control And Disturbance Compensation Techniques
A.Milton Jesu Rajan and M.Vennila
5 Design of VGA Monitor Controller In FPGA Using On Chip Embedded Array RAM
S. Sivasathya and K. Kannadasan
6 Predictive Speed Controller of BLDC System Using Adaptive Pi with disturbance Compensation Techniques
R.Jenitra and S.Delli Babu
7 Performance Analysis of FIR Filter Based On Multiple Constant Multiplication Technique With Efficient Multiplier
S.Ramprasad and V. Yuvraj
8 FPGA Implementation of High Throughput STBC MIMO Detectors Based On Path Preserving Trellis Search Algorithm
S.Sheshana Priya and K.Senthil kumar
9 Audit Database Security Policies To Mitigate Malicious Attacks Using Reverse Engineering Process
Pratheepkumar Vajravel and P.Savaridassan
10 An Approach To Design And Implementation of Dynamic Geometric Travelling Salesperson Problem Using Hopefield Neural Network
Yogeesha C. B, Dr. Ramachandra and V. Pujeri